Making Your Skin Care Products Work


So you took the advice of your skin care pro and invested in a proper home care regimen, now what?

Knowing the Proper order of how your skin care products should be applied will actually influence how well they work. (Find some of my Pro Picks in parentheses)

Step One- The Cleanse

As a therapist, I believe it’s essential to dissolve your makeup/sunscreen, etc. prior to the actual cleansing of your face. (Dermalogica Precleanse)

Next- Wash your face with appropriate cleanser.

Step Two- Exfoliation (adhere to directions given. ie daily use, twice weekly or weekly)

Proceed with Prescribed Home Exfoliant (Daily Microfoliant, Daily Resurfacer, Gentle Cream Exfoliant, MulitVitamin Thermafoliant) to whisk away those non-living cells packed on your face, neck, and chest to drive your treatment products and optimize results.

Step Three- Apply Treatment Product

This can be anything from an anti-aging serum (Overnight Repair Serum) to an acne medication (Skin Renewal Booster) and Eye products as well (Multivitamin Power Firm).

Step 4- Apply SPF (only in daylight hours) & Moisturizer

If your using a Chemical sunscreen (oxybenzone or avobenzone) apply before your moisturizer. Physical sunscreen (titanium dioxide or zinc oxide) you can apply after your moistuizer.

Step 5- Apply your makeup if desired. (Sheer Tint or Cover Tint in personal skin tone)